What is AI, exactly?

You've heard of AI, Machine Learning & Data Science but you're not exactly sure what they are, whether they're of benefit to you, where you can use them or how you can use the technology. Click below for a quick guide to get started on your AI journey.

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AI Software & Systems

You've decided you want to embrace the technological revolution that is Artificial Intelligence and you would now like some AI software for your organisation. Click below to see our comprehensive range of turnkey AI software and systems.

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AI Services & Consultancy

You have an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Data Science goal in mind, but you need a trusted partner to help you along the full AI journey to make your ideas become a reality. Click below to see our full AI consultancy services.

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AI Industries & Market Sectors

You're interested to know if your industry, market sector, business or process type is using AI, and how they're doing it; or you're curious to know if we can provide Artificial Intelligence services to your specific operations. Click below to see all the industries we work with.

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The future is Artificial Intelligence. Fennaio can make it happen for you.

From AI Consultancy to AI Software & Systems to AI Research, Fennaio provides the expertise and entire AI package enabling you to embrace and integrate AI in whatever industry you operate in.

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Fennaio AI Software and Systems

Research-led AI solutions. Fennaio is always on top.

Fennaio creates world class software, systems and solutions for all industries due to our research-led approach. Our creative and driven team make sure we're using the best tech and approaches available.

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Fennaio AI Research

Your trusted AI partner. Fennaio makes AI achievable for all.

Fennaio works closely with you at all stages of AI implementation. We strive to form long lasting, transparent relationships with all our clients and make AI easily accessible to everyone.

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Fennaio AI Consultants

How Fennaio works with you at every stage of the AI and ML Integration process.

Whether you are starting out on your first AI project, just interested in the possibilities of AI or are wanting to expand your existing AI suite, we are here to help.

AI Survey & Plan

We will discuss with you where you are, where you want to be, and how we can achieve it with AI - whether by a bespoke solution or using one of our off-the-shelf products

AI Data Analysis & Preparation

We will work with you to gather, analyse and prepare all your relevant data sources for use in the AI system(s)

AI Execute & Visualisation

We will run and tune the AI throughout the AI learning process and enable the AI to produce a real time visual output to confirm the AI is producing beneficial results

AI Integration

When you are satisfied the AI is delivering the results you desire, we will integrate the AI with your new or existing systems

You are one step closer to getting Artificial Intelligence into your organisation

Fennaio has the expertise to get you up and running with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in your new or existing systems, software and operations.

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